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Welcome to Lone Wolf Rust

Monthly • Vanilla • No Blueprints Wipes

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Lone Wolf Rust | Solo Only, Monthly, No BP Wipes Custom Map
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About Lone Wolf Rust

  • Solo Only - No teaming is allowed whatsoever. Please read our rules and guidelines below.

  • Vanilla - Default Rust the way it was meant to be played. No plugins, mods, or pay-to-win schemes.

  • Monthly - We wipe our map on the First Thursday of every month when Facepunch releases their game update. We never wipe blueprints.
    • Upcoming Wipes: November 2nd, December 7th

    • 🥇 World-Renowned Status: Recognized as the #1 solo-only vanilla Rust server globally.
    • 🚀 High-Quality Hardware: Experience smooth gameplay on servers powered by i9-12900K processors with 64GB of RAM and a reliable, redundant network.
    • 🔒 Advanced Anti-Cheat: Experience Rust with the most advanced custom anti-cheat system.
    • 🤖 Innovative Anti-Teaming: Proprietary systems in place to detect and penalize teamers.
    • 🚫 Strict Solo-Only: Guaranteed solo play without the threat of teams dominating the server.
    • 🛡️ Round-the-Clock Admins: 24/7 active, non-playing admins ensuring a fair gaming environment.
    • 🎓 Knowledgeable Staff: Our team is well-versed in every Rust nuance, ensuring optimal server management.
    • 🔄 Consistent Uptime: Benefit from 99.99% guaranteed uptime and immediate incident response.
    • 🌐 Global Community: Engage with an international player base offering diverse interactions.
    • 🗓️ Predictable Wipes: Know when to expect map wipes and enjoy no blueprint wipes.
    • 📣 Regular Announcements: Stay informed with consistent server and community updates.
    • 💬 Active Discord: Engage with our 5,500+ strong Discord community for support, chat, and announcements.
    • 🛍️ No Pay-to-Win: The only purchases available are queue skips, ensuring fair gameplay for all.
    • 🤝 Trustworthy: Thousands of human-reviewed bans and tickets handled since 2021 stand testament to our dedication.
    • 🌱 Growing Network: We continuously evolve, ensuring players always have something new to look forward to.
    • ❤️ Player-Centric Approach: At Lone Wolf Rust, players always come first, and every decision is made with the community in mind.

    Our team exclusively provides support through our Discord server. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Verify your account at WolfRust.Link
    2. Join our Discord server at Discord.gg/LoneWolf
    3. Use the #open-a-ticket channel to submit a ticket to our Staff Team
    4. Answer the required questions from our ticketing system in your Discord DMs (ensure your DMs are open!)
    5. Voila! Your ticket is automatically placed in the hands of the next available staff member. Easy.
    A vending machine in Rust

    Wolf Pass

    Wolf Pass is a monthly subscription that is widely considered to be the best value in all of Rust with a pricetag of only $5 per month!

    Wolf Pass Perks include:
    • Skip the server queue!
    • Glorious golden usernames on our Rust servers and in our Discord server
    • Access to the exlusive Wolf Den private channel in our Discord
    • Ability to use our Sir Rustalot AI bot for chat and image generations!
    • Access to our Map Preview Servers to explore and plan your base before our new maps go live for forced wipe
    • Access to the Wolf Pass Minecraft server.
    • Early wipe warnings, weighted votes in Community Map Polls, ability to screenshare in Voice Channels, & more!
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    Rules, Guidelines, and Policies

    • Players are expected to use the in-game report system (press the F7 key while in Rust) AND use our Discord ticketing system (#open-a-ticket channel in Discord.GG/lonewolf) to provide additional information to our staff team when reporting players.

    • Under no circumstances can a player on Lone Wolf servers call out cheaters or teamers in-game using global chat. Once a player is “called out” – they know they are being watched and will discontinue their behavior. This prevents our Staff Team from monitoring the activity, collecting evidence, and progressing the investigation.

    • Due to this, players who call out teamers or cheaters in chat will be temporarily muted for 24H (first time). We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in effectively reporting and helping us promptly remove these kinds of negative players.

    • Note: Using the F7 report system will trigger an automatic in-game recording of the reported player which is immediately sent to our Staff Team for review. This is an instrumental component of our investigations.

    Please see our Solo Only Guidelines below for more specific information and examples on what is/is not considered teaming.

    • This is strictly a Solo Only server. We do not allow any situation where two players can coordinate/collude for an advantage over a truly solo player. Teams and alliances are not allowed and will result in a ban.
    • You must kill on sight (KOS) during raids/counter-raids, at monuments , heli/cargo events, air drops, and in "hot zones".
      • Hot zones are the immediate area around player vs. player combat situation.
    • Once PvP combat is initiated, the immediate area is considered a hostile hotzone and KoS rules are in effect.
    • In any KOS situation – you must engage in PvP with everyone in the hotzone, OR, you must flee immediately.
    • Trades must be relatively fair/equal. See below for more details.

    Solo Only Guidelines - What is Not Allowed?

    • Sharing/Donating/Trading any base to/with another player – even if you are quitting. Once you seal a base it is considered yours and falls within this rule.
    • Sharing authorization on tool cupboards, code locks, turrets, and sharing keys for key locks is prohibited.
    • Donating or giving away items. It MUST be a fair trade/exchange of items. No lopsided trades (some charcoal for an M2, etc). We give a very wide range for what is acceptable – if you’re even remotely trying to keep the trade fair we won’t bother you.
    • Counter-raiding a base and letting any players in the area live.
    • Services/slaving of any kind including taxis.
    • Placing down a bag for another player, for any reason, as well as knowingly allowing a bag to be placed on your behalf.
    • Two or more players all willingly riding in a vehicle together.
    • Current ( revised May 2023 ): Looting a player and then giving the loot back at a later time or in a different location. Take what you want, immediately drop what you do not want, and move on. Returning loot is now allowed as long as it is immediate.
      • Prior: Looting a player and then giving the loot back. Leave it on their body or take it and go. Once you take it, it is yours.
    • Donating or sharing raid loot (or decayed base loot) to other players that show up to the raid or thereafter.
    • Forming any kind of agreement with another player during a raid or any other situation covered by the KOS rules.
    • Roaming, looting monuments and/or decayed bases together, including completing puzzles together.
    • Entering another players base or compound for ANY reason besides raiding or other aggressive actions. Conversely, willingly letting a player inside your base or compound for ANY reason – except to trap and immediately kill them.
    • Using video, voice, or out-of-game text communication in collaboration with other players to gain an unfair advantage.

    • Final Word: Players are expected to obey the rules and spirit of Solo Only gameplay at all times. If at any time, multiple players coordinate to change the dynamic of gameplay to create an environment where their coordination creates a real and direct benefit over a solo player without such cooperation - that gameplay is subject to evaluation, fair warning, and potential action by Staff Members.

    Solo Only Guidelines - What is Allowed?

    • Being generally friendly to others in the community. This is encouraged.
    • Agreements to be friendly with your neighbors. However - you may never defend your neighbors base or otherwise break our Solo Only rules and guidelines.
    • Trades must be made in realtime, must be item(s)-for-item(s), one transaction where possible, and must be relatively fair/equal. This applies to all types of trading: drop trades, shopfront trades, vending machines.
    • If you encounter another player, you are not required to Kill-On-Sight unless it is a raid/decayed base/monument/event/hotzone (ex: Bradley).
    • Talking to other players in global chat, including calling out booms, base locations, etc.

    • We have zero tolerance for racism, hate speech, and/or excessive toxicity on our server.
    • No racial or homophobic slurs. Do not type it, do not write/draw on a sign, do not say it in voice chat, don’t spell it out with fireworks, write it on a note, rename someone’s bag to it, etc.
    • No excessive toxicity. Trash talk and profanity are allowed. However, you may not engage in language/behavior that creates an overly toxic environment within the community. Some examples: making real-life threats of harm, glorifying/threatening sexual assault, doxing community members, repeatedly and flagrantly harassing other players/staff, telling community members to commit suicide.
    • Be a good person, don’t cross the line with your communications, and you will not have any issues. This is common sense for 99.9% of humanity, but it needs to be spelled out for the 0.1%.

    • The use of cheats/scripts/macros including aimbot, autoclickers/sellers/buyers, ESP, double jump, slowfall, recoil scripts, spinhacks, and other methods of script-assisted gameplay on Lone Wolf Rust will result in a permanent ban.
    • Players with a single VAC ban within the last 36 Months / 3 Years OR multiple VACs, are not allowed to join the server.
    • Players with any Game Bans in the past, regardless of age, are not allowed to join the server.
    • Players with more than 1 VAC ban are not allowed to join the server.
    • Players with alt accounts that meet any of these criteria, or that have bans from within our network, are not allowed to play on our servers.
    • Players with a Steam Account less than 30 days old are not allowed to join the server.
    • The use of exploits/glitches that introduce an unfair/unintended advantage over other players is not allowed.
    • Players found to be associated with cheating communities, especially for Rust, are not allowed to join the server.
    • You are only allowed one appeal for a given ban. You must appeal your own bans, we do not accept appeals on behalf of others.

    • Do not flood gamechat or destroy other players eardrums with prolonged loud noises/music.
    • US Servers: Please use English only in chat so that our team is able to effectively moderate.
    • Do not post links or advertisements in game chat or via voice chat.
    • No URLs in player names. You will be kicked and asked to change your name.
    • Attempting to poach/bring players to other Rust servers is not allowed.
    • Do not abuse the @mention feature to harass/annoy other players.

    • Admins for Lone Wolf will never have any impact on player gameplay whatsoever.
    • Admins will not remove walls/objects for players.
    • Admins will not intervene or replace items for player-caused issues or for widely known Facepunch-caused bugs (items falling through foundations).
    • Admins do not play on the server and only monitor gameplay to identify issues and catch rulebreakers.
    • Admins are not allowed to spawn any items or entities within the game.
      • Exception 1: In the event of a server crash or major server-caused issue, players who open tickets in Discord are entitled to item replacement.
      • Exception 2: We do reward our entire community with Pookie Bears for special occasions (or to compensate for crashes/inconveniences). These are in-game teddy bears that are placeable and provide a comfort bonus.
    • Admins will never modify the game environment (changing time of day, weather, decay rate, etc).

    • Lone Wolf Rust reserves the right to update the Rules and Solo Only Guidelines at any time.
    • Like most entities, Lone Wolf Rust reserves the right to deny service to any player for any reason.
    • The Rules and Solo Only Guidelines are not considered all-encompassing. Players should use common sense and act in good faith to avoid being banned. Any player found to be substantively harmful to the overall community or the server itself will be banned. Just because it isn’t explicitly written does not mean it isn’t allowed.
    • We do not respond well to threats against the server or the staff. You will be permanently banned, your account will be marked with the threat you made, and we will share your information with our automated network and within our Rust Owner groups. You will be blackballed by the Rust community and depending on the threat we will (and have in the past) engage local law enforcement and/or pursue legal action.
    • Intentionally lying to harm the reputation of Lone Wolf Rust will result in your permanent removal from the community. Honest criticism/complaints will never be silenced and is highly encouraged.

    Lone Wolf Staff Team

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